Cut Costs by 25% and Still Delivered 14% More Leads

A bank SEM case study by In Marketing We Trust


  • Budget cuts
  • Extreme competition


  • 25% cost reduction
  • +14% increase in conversion
  • +96% increase in Click Through Rate
  • 22.08% decrease in Cost per Click
  • 24.8% decrease in bounce rate
  • 4.22% increase in pages per visit
  • 3.05% increase in visit duration

Our Goals

Increase enquiries with a lower budget than before

What We Did

A few weeks after we started working with this client they decided to reduce the budget. However, the goal was to increase the number of enquiries.

Picking the right keywords

This was quite challenging as increasing the number of enquiries at a lower budget required careful bid optimisation and close filtering of irrelevant traffic.

This could happen by ensuring that ads are shown only on very relevant keywords.

The industry is quite competitive and selecting the right keywords and bidding the right amount required close monitoring. 

Looking at the right metrics

51.63% drop in impressions
but 96.72% increase in CTR. 

4.85% drop in clicks
but a 14.21% increase in enquiries.

Avg. position reduced by 4.47%
but avg. CPC dropped by 22.08%.

Focusing on the bottom line

Relevant traffic increased as the bounce rate dropped by 24.8%.

Pages/visit increased by 4.22% and avg. visit duration increased by 3.05%.

This was a great win getting 14% more enquiries at 25% less of the original cost. Hence reaching the client’s objectives.